1. Article Tools

Tools are now located on the left side of each article page, and they follow you as you scroll for easy access. Hover over icons to see tool tips.

  • Contents: provides navigation to different sections within this article
  • Save this article: save the article to read later; must have an NEJM.org account
  • Download PDF: download the PDF for later use on any device
  • Share article: offers opportunities to share via email or social media
  • CME: provides information on CME activity related to this article
  • Permissions: offers a direct link to request permissions
  • More: link to additional tools including:
    • Download citation
    • Sign up for Alerts about this article
    • Request Reprints
    • Download Slides
    • Submit a Letter
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2. Article Information

Links at the top of each article connect to references, citing articles, comments, polls, metrics, and more. At the top right of each article page, you’ll find the publication information for the article.

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3. Site Navigation from Article Page

From any article page, click the three-line menu icon in the top right corner to navigate to other sections of NEJM.org.

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4. Current Issue

Find the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, as well as past issues, in the Current Issue menu found on each page.


Article Page

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5. CME

Find the latest CME activities in the new Learning section on NEJM.org, easily found from the main top navigation or article menu navigation.


Article Page

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6. Getting Back Home

From any page on the site, click the NEJM logo in the top left to get back to the homepage.

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7. Searching

Click the search icon from any page on the site to search for content by keyword.


Article Pages

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8. Filtering Search Results

Click the Filter button to filter search or browse results by article type, specialty, topic, or date.

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9. Exploring Related Articles

From the article page, there are several ways to find other content that may be also of interest to you.

Recent articles carousel — Articles from the latest issue and those published recently online.


Related articles — Editorials and other articles related to the one you’re reading.


More of this article type


Most viewed articles


More articles from the same issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

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